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(I'm Working On It!!!)

5 June
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Howdy! You may call me Rae. You might know me from my OTHER LJ, purpleshoeboxes, or you might know my 'voices from THEIR LJ, shoeboxvoices. (You also might know me as NobodysSavior from dA) Anyways, THIS LJ is going to be specifically for my writing-type stoofs. I won't be posting any actual chapters/scenes on this journal, those'll go on my dA account, and fictionpress.com, once I restart my account. But I will be posting backstory, cut stuff, rough drafts and general notes. Basically this journal is for my friends who like my writing and wanna know more. Hence, this journal shall be friends-only, to prevent random people from stealing my ideas. So, should be much fun. WHOO! ^^! Behold the writing journal of Rae!